Top-tier training
"I wanted a top-tier program that was unopposed and worked with the underserved. Waco met all that and more. Since graduating, I've done both inpatient and outpatient care, C-sections, and COVID-19 relief care in NYC. Waco prepared me for me for all of this without additional fellowship training."

Isaiah Logan, MD
Class of 2018

A great day in residency
 "My morning consisted of performing two colonoscopies. I then walked to OB to deliver a baby (my 17th continuity delivery in less than 2 years). While waiting, I performed a skin to skin c-section with one of our OB attendings. Soon after, I delivered my patient's baby and then drove to clinic to remove a pyogenic granuloma...all before lunch."

Dustin Hawley, MD
 Class of 2011

"I practice in a rural setting in a family practice that I own. In addition to clinic, I do inpatient care including ICU, obstetrics (including surgical obstetrics), as well as endoscopy. My training is owed to Waco Family Medicine Residency. Very supportive faculty and staff. My family had a great experience with great friends and a great church. If I had to do it all over again, I absolutely would choose Waco."

John McClanahan, DO
 Class of 2011

"Why did I choose Waco? The people, the people, the people. My wife hit it off with the other wives. We wanted a place with some acreage. We bought a 3 bdrm/2bath on 13 acres for what an apartment in Houston would cost."

Ben Edwards, MD
 Chief Resident, Class of 2005

"Choosing Waco FHC for residency is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It prepared me well for private practice by giving me a large variety of clinical experiences and providing an appropriate amount of autonomy & clinical guidance with world-class faculty. FHC taught me how to be a wise, diligent & compassionate physician. FHC will always be family."

Katie Vick, MD
 Class of 2011

“Since I've been in Waco I've found that my initial hang-ups about being in a small town have melted away. The great parks, Lake Waco, the huge variety of restaurants and activities, and the strong intercultural focus, especially among our patient population, have made living here a very enjoyable experience. But what I like best about training here is the other residents and faculty. We are truly a team, and have faculty who really advocate for us."

Adam Flowers
 Chief Resident, Class of 2008
 Faculty member

“I chose Waco because it offered the best overall package. The people are one of the program’s greatest assets, and the residents here were among the happiest that I have found. The camaraderie makes a difficult month actually fun. The program itself has the advantage of being a community-based program, which makes a huge difference in the experience you walk away with. It offers countless perks and benefits for the residents. The set-up of the clinic is about as close as you can get to private practice while still in residency. Waco itself is actually a great location. It is big enough to offer plenty of amenities and small enough so you don’t fight traffic (which allows us to take home call). Waco is close enough to Austin and Dallas for a little extra variety (on your 2 guaranteed weekends off every month). Waco is a ‘family practice friendly’ town professionally and a good place to raise a family personally. Waco offers good schools and great social support, especially with the activities of our Resident Spouse Alliance. It’s just a great package.”

Premal Patel
 Chief Resident, Class of 2005

"Choosing Waco for residency was an easy decision. After training at a multispecialty tertiary referral center, I wanted to further my education at a community-based program. Waco has no other residency programs in town, and specialists are easily accessible. Every day, I have the privilege of helping wonderful patients, who might otherwise never have the opportunity to obtain medical care. The faculty and residents are top notch -- smart, caring, compassionate, and eager to teach/learn. Ultimately, I cannot imagine training anywhere else!"

Eric Alford, MD
 Chief Resident, Class of 2013

"Waco is a well-rounded, respected program. It has the perfect balance of all of aspects of Family Medicine. It's not too heavy in one area of training nor does it neglect any aspect. It strikes the perfect balance of volume, didactics, and time off. The numerous faculty are all outstanding and pragmatic. There are many great programs out there, but I believe Waco is the most comprehensive, well-balanced program in the country."

David Schaefer, MD
 Class of 2015

"I was looking for a community-based FM program with broad-spectrum training, solid procedural experience and a wide variety of pathology. Now that I'm here, the best thing about the program has definitely been the people. Though each day is challenging, I come to work knowing that I'm going to enjoy working with each of my fellow team members. I'm confident that upon finishing residency, I'll be thoroughly prepared to practice medicine in any setting."

Jon-Michael Cline, DO
 Class of 2015

"I chose the Waco Family Medicine Residency program because I wanted to train somewhere that had a long track record of producing smart, great, hard-working physicians."

"I chose to train for full-scope family medicine here in Waco because I wanted an unopposed program that trains you to work hard but to also work smart. You learn how to do things right the first time while still having autonomy."

"Finally, two words: The People."

Curtis Copeland, MD
 Class of 2013

"Choosing a residency is one of the most important decisions of your medical career.  I found that Waco's program could prepare me for any type of practice I desired. One of the best things about the program is the appropriate balance between autonomy and guidance from residents/faculty.  My wife, son and I moved from Alabama to Waco precisely for these reasons. After leaving this program, residents feel comfortable working in every field of family medicine including ICU care, obstetrics, pediatrics, and a variety of procedures."

David Johnson, MD
 Class of 2015

"Our program is full of great people who want to help you learn. My coworkers and patients challenge me every day to learn as much as I can."

Erica Jarrett, MD
 Class of 2013

"I chose Waco not only because of the wide scope of training offered by an unopposed program, but also because of the program's dedication to the medically underserved of central Texas."

"Here, I am more than a resident. I am a member of the community. We are respected as colleagues by the medical community and play an integral role in caring for a large portion of medically underserved patients in our area. As an FQHC, we have the opportunity to touch the lives of patients in need of aid and education, and at the end of the day, I feel like I am really making a difference."

Kristi Hartman, MD
 Chief Resident, Class of 2013

"My husband, Jon-Michael (also PGY-3) and I chose the Waco Family Medicine Residency for several reasons -- but our top reason was the people! Fellow residents, faculty, staff, specialists--they are all amazing and go out of their way to be team players, to educate, or to just say hello. The people we get to work with everyday make a challenging experience like residency fun and motivating. We could not imagine ourselves anywhere else!"

Amby Cline, DO
 Class of 2015

"I couldn't be happier with the training I received in Waco. I feel confident in all areas of family medicine and will be working in both inpatient and outpatient settings as a private physician. The environment for learning is exceptional and the faculty would rank among the best you can find."

Joey Koch, MD
 Chief Resident, Class of 2011

"Waco trained me for everything. Private practice with OB and ICU privileges, administrating a clinic, serving in medical missions on the edge of the Amazon — and now full circle to teaching others to do the same. My training was unparalleled.”

D. Mike Hardin, Jr. MD
 Chief Resident, Class of 1995
 Faculty member and current Residency Program Director

 "Moving from NYC to Waco, I was a little skeptical about my new lifestyle, but I couldn't be happier here. My days are filled with patients and colleagues who teach and support me to be a better doctor than I thought I ever could be. But the best part of it all, is I can go home to my family and enjoy all that Waco has to offer--a spectacular zoo, a riverside park full of trails, a beautiful lake, kind and interesting neighbors, a wine bar downtown with the best tomato soup and grilled cheese around, and a house with a garden in the front yard and a greenbelt in the back. Plus, I can find all the big city stuff just 1 1/2 hours away in Austin or Dallas any time I need it. This beats my 450 sq ft apt in NYC any day!"
 Kelly Givens, MD
 Class of 2014