Sports Medicine Elective (Residents)

Our Sports Medicine Elective is for Family Medicine, Pediatric, or Internal Medicine Residents interested in a future Sports Medicine Fellowship position. The elective is highly competitive and only a limited number of spots are available each year. Please apply early and be flexible on elective dates.

Rotation includes:

Sports Medicine Clinic, Ortho Clinic, Hand Clinic, Training Room Clinic, Seasonal Sports Sideline Coverage (With Fellow / Faculty), & Weekly Lectures.

To Apply

  1. Contact us
  2. Complete application
  3. 2 letters of recommendation (1 from Program Director)
  4. Copy of med school transcript
  5. Copy of USMLE / Comlex scores
  6. Additional documentation requirements noted on application.


Waco Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship
 1600 Providence Drive
 Waco, TX 76707

Corbett Boone, MD
 Fellowship Director

Amy Maddox
 Fellowship Coordinator