• Spanish Language Track Launched

    Our new Spanish language track for residents was launched on September 18.  Designed for incoming residents who already speak an intermediate level of Spanish, the track trains residents to a proficiency level that obviates the need for interpreters.  The track is led by two bilingual faculty members and a Spanish professor from Baylor University and consists of targeted Spanish instruction, mentoring, workshops and standardized proficiency testing.  Successful graduates of the track are awarded a certificate of qualification at the completion of residency.

  • 100% Board Pass Rate

    The class of 2017 achieved a 100% first-take pass rate on their boards.  With these results, the program's pass rate for the past seven years stands at 100%, placing it among the top programs in the country.

  • Dr. Sally Weaver's work awarded

    Dr. Weaver’s joint research and publication with the Baylor Business School was recently awarded a top honor at the Academy of Management. Their submission was recognized as one of the top 5 papers out of the 1000 papers submitted.

    Title of paper: "The Cost Of Work's Tense Triad On Employee Healthcare Utilization"

    Along with the Baylor University Business School, Dr. Weaver researched both working FHC patients as well as FHC employees, looking at the impact of work and family factors on healthcare utilization. This research suggests that job pressure, abusive supervision, and work-family conflict all relate to burnout, which can then lead to chronic pain and disease, and thus to greater use of prescriptions used to treat these conditions and to more frequent visits to a medical professional.

    The committee making this award noted: "This study goes beyond self-report and examines employees objective expenditures and healthcare utilization as dependent variables, which is a very novel approach. It then links several different variables widely studied in OB (Organizational Behavior) to these outcomes employing burnout and Conservation of Resources Theory as the over-arching theoretical mechanism that ties this all into place. Healthcare utilization is a very critical national outcome and it is valuable to have someone show a direct and theoretically sound relationship to many of our central constructs and this outcome in a rigorous way."

  • New Chief Residents Selected

    Congratulations to Drs. Nicole Bussiere and Sam Lindquist who were selected to be the Chief Residents for 2017-18! And a special thanks to outgoing chiefs Drs. Keri Cummings and Joshua Wesley for a year of outstanding service.

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A great day in residency.
My morning consisted of performing two colonoscopies. I then walked to OB to deliver a baby (my 17th continuity delivery in less than 2 years). While waiting, I performed a skin to skin c-section with one of our OB attendings. Soon after, I delivered my patient's baby and then drove to clinic to remove a pyogenic granuloma...all before lunch."

Dustin Hawley, MD
Class of 2011