MS4 Elective

Our MS4 Family Medicine elective is for fourth-year medical students interested in Family Medicine. The Elective focuses on providing broad training in the full scope of Family Medicine in both an inpatient and outpatient setting. It is typically a month in length but can be adapted to fit your needs. As it is a very competitive and popular elective, be sure to apply early (preferably more than two months in advance).  Please note that acceptance to the MS4 elective does not guarantee an offer to interview during interview season.

Rotation includes:

  1. Ambulatory clinic with Faculty and Residents
  2. Hospital rotations with our Family Medicine Teams doing Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Adult Medicine.
  3. Lectures at lunch and Tuesday afternoon didactics conference
  4. Procedure Clinic

To Apply:

  1. Download application
  2. Two letters of recommendation
  3. Copies of medical school transcript
  4. Copies of Step 1 or COMLEX 1 scores (and Step 2 or COMLEX 2 if available)
  5. Additional documentation requirements noted on application.


Glenna Walker—MS4 Family Medicine Elective Coordinator: email
Courtney Parker-Hudson, MD—MS4 Family Medicine Elective Director: email